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"I have recently completed the eMarketing Professional Internet Marketing Course and have been very impressed with the depth and quality this course provides regarding SEO and internet marketing. This course introduces the various concepts of SEM in a way that is easy to understand and provides a great number of references to extra online information..."
Kevin Klaiss
Professional Internet Marketer, Search Engineuity

Download Sample Lessons of the Best Internet Marketing Course

There's no better way to get a feel for what our Internet Marketing Training is like than to take a look at some sample lessons. These downloadable sample lessons will give you a taste of how the online SEO and SEM training works and give you an idea of how much information you will learn.

Penguin-Proof Link Building Strategies and Techniques

It is common knowledge that high quality inbound links to your site are very important. In the lesson "Link Building Strategies and Techniques" you will find a list of SEO-savvy methods that webmasters and site owners can use to get links that improves the rankings. Also you will read about techniques that you should avoid, if you do not want to be penalized by search engines.

Duplicate Content Issues

The issue of duplicate content has become even more disturbing and important for webmasters after the Google Panda update. The lesson "Duplicate Content Issues" will tell you how duplicate pages can appear on your site, how search engines will treat them, what is the “canonical tag” and how to use it and also you will get 9 great pieces of advice on how to avoid duplicate content on your sites.

Local SEO for Your Site

If your business or website is set up only to deal with local or national clients, local search engine optimization will help you target your customers and deliver the highest performance. The lesson "Local SEO for our Site" will teach you how to target the right audience, show you how to optimize your local sites and how to promote them.

The Most Effective Social Media Marketing Tactics

In terms of attracting new users, Social Media is the fastest growing category of Internet Marketing and, therefore, should not be neglected. In the lesson "The Most Effective Social Media Marketing Tactics" we talk about blog posts and comments marketing, social networks marketing usage, press releases distribution, activity in forums and communities and advertising through social media channels.

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