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"I have recently completed the eMarketing Professional Internet Marketing Course and have been very impressed with the depth and quality this course provides regarding SEO and internet marketing. This course introduces the various concepts of SEM in a way that is easy to understand and provides a great number of references to extra online information..."
Kevin Klaiss
Professional Internet Marketer, Search Engineuity

What You Get with Our Internet Marketing Training:

  • Quick access to cutting-edge learning content covering all fields of Internet Marketing (104 lessons and 11 SEO training videos)
  • Assessment of your Internet Marketer skills at the end of each e-learning module (19 quizzes in total)
  • A virtual Professional Internet Marketer (PIM) Certificate upon successful completion of your training
  • A Certified Professional Internet Marketer button that can be embedded on your website or a blog
  • A hard copy PIM certificate shipped to your postal address

Why Take the Internet Marketing Training:

  • Learn best-practice strategies to maximize your organic search engine traffic, and avoid typical mistakes that may cost you having your site banned by Google and other search engines.
  • Find out how to track and analyze your performance on the web: track your search engine rankings and backlinks, monitor visitor traffic and measure your conversion rate
  • Get knowledge in Pay Per Click Marketing and learn how to run successful PPC campaigns.
  • Dive deep into Social Media Marketing and learn the latest social media strategies and techniques to promote your business through various social media channels.
  • Get access to Email Marketing best practices and strategies, and learn to plan, organize, track and improve your email marketing campaigns.
  • Learn Affiliate Marketing secrets and time-proven strategies: make money online as a professional affiliate partner or have your affiliate partners promote your products effectively.
  • Get certified as a Professional Internet Marketer and use your PIM certificate as a proof of your knowledge and expertise in the field of Internet Marketing.
  • Start offering professional Internet Marketing services as a separate service or add-on to your basic services.
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