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"I have recently completed the eMarketing Professional Internet Marketing Course and have been very impressed with the depth and quality this course provides regarding SEO and internet marketing. This course introduces the various concepts of SEM in a way that is easy to understand and provides a great number of references to extra online information..."
Kevin Klaiss
Professional Internet Marketer, Search Engineuity

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With eMarketing University’s e-learning model, you can now get theoretical and practical knowledge in the most important fields of Internet Marketing at a fraction of the cost: learn the time-proven techniques and strategies in Search Engine Optimization, PPC Management, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.

Upon completion of our Internet Marketing training course, you’ll get a valid Internet Marketing Certificate as well as the skills and knowledge necessary to manage effective internet marketing campaigns and drive targeted traffic to the websites you are in charge of.

eMarketing University issues two types of certificates:
  • A virtual certificate (a unique online certificate with the student's name and the course program details)
  • A hard copy certificate (a printed certificate that is shipped to your postal address at no additional cost).

View Your Virtual Certificate Online

After you complete the Basic or the Professional Training Course in Internet Marketing at eMarketing University, you will get a virtual Internet Marketing Certificate which remains visible online until expired. You can link to your virtual certificate from your website or you can include its URL in your resume.

The virtual certificate link includes your Unique Certificate Number (UCN), and when followed, it will display your certificate with your name and grade on it, and thus prove that you have really graduated from eMarketing University.

How will our SEO course help you in learning SEO?

Search engines are constantly advancing their search algorithms, because they try to serve the most relevant results to their users. In spite of this there are some constant basic rules that everyone who learns SEO should master. Obey these rules – and you can net thousands of visitors and attention, disregard them – and your search positions can go down or you may even be banned from the search engine results pages. If you aim to be serious with your SEO we recommend learning our SEO training course front-to-back.

If you are a seasoned SEO consultant you know how hard it is to keep pace with these constantly changing algorithms. Use our SEO course to stop playing cat and mouse with the search engines and concentrate on your website's success. eMarketing University SEO lessons and quizzes are updated on a regular basis and reflect up-to-date SEO and web marketing trends.

Verify certificate UCN:

Enter certificate ID (e.g. 50247):

If you want to verify someone else’s certificate, please enter their UCN in the form below, and if the certificate is found, we will show it to you.

Use Certificate Buttons on Your Site

You can use certificate buttons on your website or blog to display a link to your virtual Internet Marketing Certificate earned at eMarketing University. We offer 3 types of certificate buttons to prove to your website visitors that you have really completed the Basic or the Professional Internet Marketing Course at eMarketing University:

"Competent Internet Marketer"

"Professional Internet Marketer"

universal "eMarketing University certified"

Upon completing the training course in Internet Marketing, you can log on to your Student Area, go to the Certificate Status page and use the button code with the link to your valid virtual certificate hosted on our website


Both CIM (Competent Internet Marketer) and PIM (Professional Internet Marketer) certificates are issued for a 1 year period (i.e. 365 days). After that, your certificate will expire and you will need to update it if you wish to keep your degree visible online.

The reason is that the world of search engines, social media and other aspects of Internet Marketing changes rapidly, so the knowledge you have acquired today will hardly be of any use in one or two years. We have a finger on the pulse of the search engine world and always keep our training courses up-to-date with the new information.

  • Basic Course recertification: $65
  • Professional Course recertification: $129

Your virtual Internet Marketing Certificate will be updated online as soon as you mark all lessons as read and re-run all assessments - to ensure you stay up-to-date with the course materials and the Internet Marketing industry. An updated hard copy certificate will be sent to you by regular mail within two weeks after you finish your recertification.

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