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"I have recently completed the eMarketing Professional Internet Marketing Course and have been very impressed with the depth and quality this course provides regarding SEO and internet marketing. This course introduces the various concepts of SEM in a way that is easy to understand and provides a great number of references to extra online information..."
Kevin Klaiss
Professional Internet Marketer, Search Engineuity

Learn SEO and Get an SEO Certification with the SEO Training Course

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a method of increasing a site’s search engine visibility by improving internal and external aspects of the site. The aim of SEO activities is to multiply organic traffic, i.e. the amount of visitors who come to the site via search engine listings that were not paid for.

Why you need to learn SEO

The majority of web surfers use commercial search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! to find anything online. This means that you may lose thousands of prospective clients who are looking for your products and services, if your website can not be found in the top 10 of search engine results pages (SERPs). Whether you are creating content, selling products, services or information, search engines will likely be your main source of traffic. Learning SEO is the key to making this source as big as possible.

Nowadays, SEO is not just a set of techniques to increase traffic and sell products or services, but a real science -the most important and effective science online. Learn SEO and you will get constantly growing traffic, gain credibility and trust from your visitors. By gaining trust online, you will increase the number of your visitors, RSS subscribers, social media followers and hence the number of prospective customers.

If you are a website owner who optimizes a site by himself, an SEO consultant or a head of a search engine optimization company we have an SEO training course that fits your needs.

How our SEO course will help you in learning SEO

Search engines are constantly advancing their search algorithms, because they try to serve the most relevant results to their users. In spite of this there are some constant basic rules that everyone who learns SEO should master. Obey these rules – and you can net thousands of visitors and attention, disregard them – and your search positions can go down or you may even be banned from the search engine results pages. If you aim to be serious with your SEO we recommend learning our SEO training course front-to-back.

If you are a seasoned SEO consultant you know how hard it is to keep pace with these constantly changing algorithms. Use our SEO course to stop playing cat and mouse with the search engines and concentrate on your website’s success. eMarketing University SEO lessons and quizzes are updated on a regular basis and reflect up-to-date SEO and Web Marketing trends.

Our SEO training course is a premium source of information, education and certification assessment for search engine optimizers all over the world. Here you will learn SEO theory and apply them practically. Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Web Analytics and tips on Starting Your Internet Marketing Business – all these you will master with our Internet Marketing course.

The task of our SEO course is to train individuals and companies in the most up-to-date Web Marketing techniques and SEO and to prove the search engine optimization proficiency of our graduates with SEO certificates.

Why obtain SEO certification

Nowadays SEO is not just a useful skill, but a necessary condition for a successful business online. Whether you are designing sites, selling products or services online or producing content, it is always good to have a proof of your SEO expertise. SEO certification shows that you have the knowledge and proficiency to provide effective services.

An "SEO certified" logo placed on your website may be a winning factor that convinces your prospects to choose your services. SEO certification proves that you and your workers are accredited by a recognized industry organization. Our SEO certificate is the public’s assurance that you have acquired the necessary skills required for a successful SEO entrepreneur.

A hard copy SEO certificate in your office and an "SEO Certified" logo at your site will help to gain your customers’ trust. You may publish an SEO certified logo with a link verifying the integrity of your business after you have finished our SEO training course.

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